11 August 2023

DTU joins as a NQCP satellite partner


The collaboration between DTU Electro and NQCP is now formalized in a satellite partnership agreement.

integrated quantum photonic circuit
An integrated quantum photonic circuit of the type that will be developed at DTU

Photonic qubit systems are one of the platforms that NQCP explores in the quest to develop a fault-tolerant quantum computer.

DTU Electro is a world leader within the development of photonic quantum circuits, and we are pleased to have our collaboration formalized in a satellite partnership agreement.

The purpose of the collaboration is to develop photonic quantum processing circuits and electronics to collect and process signals from multiple superconducting nanowire single photon detectors. As well as exploring strategies for obtaining extremely good coupling and interconnections in the chip architecture.

The work will be carried out by four post-doctoral researchers – three will be employed at DTU and one at NQCP.

In this partnership, we focus on improving the photonic quantum value chain – bringing us closer to building a fault-tolerant quantum computer using phontoic qubits.