12 May 2023

Laying the groundwork for a world-class superconducting qubit infrastructure at NQCP 

Morten Kjaergaard

It’s difficult to imagine the future of solid-state quantum processor units without superconducting components, such as qubits, resonators or detectors. An ambition of NQCP, and the superconducting platform team led by Associate Professor Morten Kjaergaard, is therefore to establish an infrastructure that will lay the groundwork for the development of next-generation superconducting chip technology. 
NQCP and Morten’s team will be upgrading the labs with a cryostat + measurement solutions that can scale up to roughly ~100 superconducting qubits. The system design will be targeting accurate and standardized qubit performance tracking, and expected to be fully implemented in ~2-3 years.