29 September 2023

Maybell Quantum to co-locate with NQCP


We are pleased to announce that Maybell Quantum has chosen to establish their European Headquarter and full-stack quantum hardware facilities in Copenhagen.

Two men in front of building
NQCP CEO Peter Krogstrup and Maybell cofounder Bryan Choo outside the Niels Bohr Institute

The Maybell facilities will be co-located with NQCP at The Niels Bohr Institute on Blegdamsvej in Copenhagen.

The fact that Maybell has chosen to establish their facilities here at Blegdamsvej is a testament to the unique quantum legacy that we have in Denmark, and particularly at the Niels Bohr Institute.

Maybell Quantum is at the forefront of innovation in quantum computing infrastructure with their cryogenic hardware development. Their presence here in Copenhagen further strengthens Denmark’s future as a leading quantum nation.

Our mission at NQCP is to enable the development of fault tolerant quantum computing hardware and quantum algorithms – an endeavor that will require a strong ecosystem of quantum researchers, engineers, and companies all working together to push ideas forward and refine solutions. Having Maybell as an active ecosystem participant co-located with the NQCP research programme and with Quantum Foundry, Copenhagen is a great example of how we can build collaborations and partnerships.

About Maybell

Maybell Quantum is a venture-backed quantum hardware company with offices in Denver and Copenhagen. Maybell's mission is to deliver the world's best tools to solve the toughest quantum challenges, offering solutions that are more reliable, scalable and accessible.