NEW DATE - NQCP Life in Quantum - Ass. Professor Jean-Baptiste Béguin, NBI

Controlling the dispersal of information with atom-nanophotonic crystals

Even in non-relativistic quantum systems, the speed at which information propagates is bounded and dependent on the localisation length of interactions between qubits. This aspect holds profound implications for various applications in quantum many-body physics, such as quantum simulation and the development of quantum memories involving atoms and photons.

 In this presentation, I will discuss our nascent progress in establishing a novel experimental platform designed to investigate strong atom-atom interactions mediated by light propagating in nano-photonic crystal waveguides. Leveraging a broad tunability of interactions, our research enables the exploration of dynamic control over Lieb-Robinson velocities, along with the effective suppression of spontaneous emission or undesired light scattering – two major challenges in quantum optics.