NQCP Life in Quantum - Product Manager Joost van der Heijden, Quantum Machines

Dynamic qubit stabilization with real-time noise surveillance

A significant part of research in the field of quantum processors is focused on mitigating noise, either by improving materials, developing noise decoupling schemes, or designing intrinsically noise-insensitive qubits. In this seminar, I will discuss an alternative approach in which the noise is continuously monitored and the qubit control signals are adjusted accordingly.

Quantum Machines’ dedicated pulse processor has enabled, and greatly simplified, the implementation of such on-the-fly Hamiltonian estimation protocols with real-time feedback on the qubit control sequence. These dynamic stabilization algorithms have been successfully demonstrated on singlet-triplet spin qubits. With one of this qubit’s control axes entirely governed by noise, caused by a fluctuating nuclear spin bath, I will show how our protocol not only improves the qubit coherence but also enables the full two-axis and real-time control over the qubit.