NQCP and Quantum Foundry Copenhagen are joining forces to establish a best-in-class Data Team to build a scalable platform that encompasses data from all the other teams and enables data exploration and analysis across the whole programme.

The ambitious goal to build a unified data platform plays a central role in the entire program. Change management is the primary tool to establish data acquisition standards, centralize data storage, and develop data analytics capabilities at a programme level through the implementation of a robust data platform.

The Team

The Data Team consists of data experts with academic and industry experience, which benefits best data practices from both fields. The team is led by Head of Data, Juste Stumbryte and is currently in the process of shaping and growing. The team culture places a significant emphasis on project-centric organization and agile project management. This approach aims to efficiently support other parts of the program ensuring data structure requirements and optimal use of the data platform services.

Our focus

Our focus encompasses several key pillars to ensure integrity, security, and availability, thereby promoting a data-driven research approach. These include:

Data governance: our emphasis on robust data governance ensures consistent management and utilization of data as a strategic asset. This approach enhances the reliability and accuracy of data-driven research across our program by establishing clear protocols for data handling and decision-making.

Data security: to safeguard our valuable data assets and maintain trust, we implement comprehensive protective measures. This includes stringent access controls and personnel security protocols to ensure that only authorized users can access our program's data, thus mitigating the risk of data breaches or unauthorized access.

Data platform: central to our data strategy is our commitment to establish a data platform, harmonizing diverse data sources into a cloud-based solution. This empowers robust statistical analysis and correlation, fostering comprehensive insights and informed decision-making programme wide.

Data acquisition software: our strategic direction includes streamlining data collection processes and standardizing data collection methods. This ensures reproducibility, consistency, and efficiency in gathering data, ultimately improving the quality and reliability of our datasets.

Data quality: our data platform places a strong emphasis on data quality, incorporating quality gates throughout the integration process. This ensures that analyses are based on reliable and trustworthy data, minimizing the risk of errors or inaccuracies that could compromise the integrity of our insights.


Rasmus Bjerregaard Christensen

Data Process Engineer


John Doe

Juste Stumbryte

Head of Data