Photonic Platform Integration

The Team

The Photonic Platform Integration team at NQCP, headed by Stefano Paesani, specializes in the research and development of quantum photonic components for future fault tolerant quantum computing processors. The team develop architectures for quantum photonic integrated circuits consisting of components such as single photon emitters, waveguides, couplers and detectors. In collaboration with other engineering teams at NQCP, the Quantum Foundry and close partnering research groups, the team aims to push the boundaries of quantum optical science and technology. 

Key partners and satellites

The team also aims at establishing a collaborative ecosystem with trusted partners pursuing the development of enabling quantum photonic technologies for fault-tolerant quantum computation. These include close collaborations with the Hy-Q centre at the Niels Bohr Institute (led by P. Lodahl) and the SPOC centre at DTU (led by L. K. Oxenløwe).

Interconnects - Transduction – Memory

Photons are excellent systems to connect other types of quantum devices for the creation of modular quantum computers and/or networks. The team is also involved in developing devices able to interlink the different platforms developed at NQCP, including microwave-to-optical transducers and atom-to- quantum emitters optical interfaces for single photon storage (in collaboration with satellite Béguin at NBI).


Stefano Paesani

Photonic Integrator; Assistant Professor


Peter Granum

Peter Granum

Research Engineer



Vasiliki Angelopoulou




Magnus Linnet Madsen

PhD Student